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Technology Firsts Timeline

Comfort Line has been an industry leader since it's inception in 1959. Starting as the first to manufacture 3-track vinyl storms windows, and then as the first to manufacture fiberglass windows and doors. Comfort Line's quest to continuously improve and innovate is evident in our track record, and in the homes of our customers.
          -- Comfort Line began as the Winter Seal Corp. of Toledo, manufacturing extruded vinyl lineal and windows.
          -- First to manufacture 3-track vinyl storm windows.

           -- Offered non-insulated prime replacement windows and storm window systems.

Late 70’s / Early 80’s
          -- Designed mechanically insulated double hung windows w/mitered corners.   
          -- Frames were butt cutt and machined in a fabrication center, a technologically advanced at that time. 
          -- Designed a welded frame and sash window and door line.

Mid / Late 1980’s 
          -- Introduced the first fiberglass window system ever made by pultruding lineals in-house. 
          -- Introduced first fiberglass door system unique in it’s operation. 
          -- Co-designed a fiberglass framing system.
          -- Designed the 8000, 4000, 2100 series windows and the 5000 series patio door systems.

          -- Custom colors/complete customization available for any window or door frames.