fiberframe replacement fiberglass windows

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Only FiberFrame offers a limited lifetime warranty on its fiberglass windows and doors.

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Glass Options

Low E - Low Emittance (Low E) glass is a very effective technology which works in the heating season to reduce heat loss through the glass and during the summer to limit heat gain.

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Other glass options include:

  • Double insulated - for most applications, double insulated glass (two panes of glass) provides a very good level of insulating and sound reduction performance
  • Triple insulated glass - for the ultimate level of insulating and sound reduction performance, specify tripled insulated (three panes of glass)
  • Obscure glass. Typically used in bath rooms to provide privacy.
  • Tinted glass
  • Stained glass 
  • Beveled glass
  • Leaded glass
  • V-groove
  • Tempered or laminated glass. Used for safety, and where building codes specify.