Privacy Policy

Comfort Line, Inc. recognizes the need for privacy in the use of Web sites provided for the purpose of information and service. The information voluntarily provided by site visitors is collected primarily for purposes of responding to visitor requests concerning our products. The information you supply enables us to mail printed information, to answer your product questions and/or to provide you with dealer or manufacturer services.


Other Web sites not developed by Comfort Line, Inc. and presenting Comfort Line, Ltd. branded products operate under their own privacy policies. Comfort Line is not responsible for their privacy or legal policies.
Promotions and Survey.


From time to time Comfort Line may offer promotional opportunities to its Web site visitors. These opportunities may include sweepstakes or contests. These offers may be made to consumers 18 or over or exclusively to our dealers and distributors and contractors. The information collected in these promotional offerings is confidential and only shared with the agents or assigns of Comfort Line that perform the services needed for the promotion to be processed and concluded. Comfort Line may also ask for voluntary visitor participation in surveys related to Web site satisfaction and experiences and product buying preferences. These surveys are conducted to give Comfort Line information that can help us improve products and services. Collected data becomes the property of Comfort Line, Ltd. and will be used only by those agents and assigns charged with the responsibility of tabulation and reporting and by Comfort Line management, data entry personnel under contract to or employed by Comfort Line.


Warranty Information
Comfort Line product warranties cannot be registered on Comfort Line, Ltd. Web sites. All product warranty registrations must be received by Comfort Line, Ltd., on the printed forms provided by Comfort Line, Ltd. for the sole purpose of registration and warranty coverage. If you have purchased Comfort Line, Ltd. window or door products and did not receive a copy of the warranty that applies to those products, contact Comfort Line, Ltd. through our online FIBERFRAME™ Service Center on this site


Comfort Line continually strives to improve its Web site services. Cookies are information files that your browser uses when you visit a Web site. Such data does not collect, include or use any personally identifiable data.


Updates to Privacy Statement
Comfort Line retains the right to make changes to its privacy policies. Please check back for updated information when you visit our sites. Questions regarding our Web site policies should be directed to: Comfort Line, Ltd., 5500 Enterprise Blvd., Toledo, Ohio 43612 Attention: Web Site Policy


We hope your visit to our Web site was a pleasant and informative one. If you have any concerns or suggestions, contact us.

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