Fiberglass patio door

Experience the exquisite feeling our patio doors bring to your home along with comfort, performance, and safety. Nothing opens a room to the wide expanse of the outdoors like our sliding patio doors. In combinations of two, three, or four panels and from 5ft. to 16ft. wide and up to 8ft. tall, you’ll wonder how you lived without the spacious and airy addition of our glass sliding doors. Because our doors slide, you’ll have more room layout options than a hinged door that opens into your room might otherwise provide.


Water Penetration

7.5 PSF

Air Infiltration

.126 scfm/ft^2 @ 1.57 PSF

Design Pressure

30-50 PSF


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NAMI Certification Tested Products

AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08

  • CW-PG30 146X95
  • CW-PG45 110X95
  • LC-PG30 96X95
  • LC-PG40 51X95
Patio Doors

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